FeedCo Calf Milk Replacer

Most of the benefit of epigenetic programming is set in the first few weeks of life. Therefore getting the milk feeding element of calf rearing right is vital. FeedCo has developed a quality calf milk replacer range formulated to give your high value dairy and beef calves the best possible start in life, whatever your rearing system and production targets.

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Why Choose FeedCo Calf Milk Replacers?

  • Fixed formulation, highly digestible ingredients
  • Easy to mix and excellent flowability
  • Highly palatable
  • Fully traceable consistent raw materials
  • Suitable for dairy and beef enterprises
  • Can be used for bucket and machine feeding regimes
  • All contain natural gut conditioners
  • All powders are amino acid balanced

FeedCo High Skim

Protein 22% | Oil 18% | Fibre 0.1%

  • High skim based to enable clot formation for smooth digestion
  • High levels of dairy protein
  • Promotes rapid early growth with benefits of skim and whey
  • Ideal to be used in automatic feeding systems.

FeedCo High Whey

Protein 22% | Oil 18% | Fibre 0.3%

  • Whey based dairy protein. Whey protein is used very efficiently by calves under the right management. In these conditions it provides very cost effective dairy protein.
  • High digestible sources of energy and protein
  • Excellent performance and cost effective growth
  • Ideal to be used in automatic feeding systems.

FeedCo Ultra Skim (60%)

Protein 23% | Oil 19% | Fibre 0%

  • 60% market-leading skim-based powder
  • Highly digestible all dairy protein
  • Skim powders form a clot to enable slow digestion between feeds, high skim powders perform like whole milk
  • Maximum performance and growth in premium calves
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